1. A LaundryRx FLC is a CASH BUSINESS
2. A LaundryRx FLC is recession resistant
3. A LaundryRx FLC provides a needed service
4. A LaundryRx FLC has a 100% success rate
5. 2016 Purchases will never pay a franchise fee
6. 25% to 35% ROI is realistic
7. Location, Location, Location
8. Low or no associated labor cost
9. Average investor owns 3 stores
10. A LaundryRx Vended Laundry is the right choice

1. How much does it costs?
Typical costs including infrastructure, machinery and interior cosmetic building improvements average   between $120,000 to $140,000 per 1000 square feet.

2. How much space to I need?
LaundryRx can determine space utility based on the specific area and the demographic trends so not to over or under build.

3. How much cash do I need to finance a store? 
On the average you will need 10% to 30% depending on the location, projected store pro-forma and your credit history.  Finance like to see at least a 650 benchmark.

4. Can LaundryRx find me a location?
Yes we can. We have scouted out good location and have many to chose from. Your location or ours, LaundryRx is the right choice.

"Your Prescription For Success"